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Interior Water & Ice Damage Restoration

Ice Damage Restoration Minnesota, Wisconsin, Hudson WI, Woodbury MN, Stillwater MN, St Paul MNWater leaks due to an ice dam can leave your home a mess and requires ice damage restoration. We have seen everything from soggy attic insulation and damaged sheet rock to rotting timbers and in some cases mold buildup.

It’s a fact that ice dams are a frequent and occurring winter problem and while they cannot be completely avoided, there are preventative steps a homeowner can take to minimize and even completely diminish their occurrence. Ice dams can and will become a major headache during the winter time, especially in deep freeze climates with fluctuating temperatures.

The fluctuating temperatures consistent with a Midwest winter can cause ice to melt and re-freeze on the surface of the roof. The ice then accumulates on the edge of the roof leading to ice dams, which form as snow on the upper part of a roof melts. The melted snow water runs down the roof slope under the blanket of snow, then refreezes into bands of ice at the roof’s edge to create a dam. Once the dam forms, additional melting snow continues to build up and forms pools behind the dam, eventually leaking into the home through the roof or roof trim.

DamBreakers can help you restore your home to new. We have over 20 years in the home remodeling business.

Our home restoration services include:
• Removal of wet insulation
• Replacement insulation
• Interior wall repair
• New sheet rock
• Interior painting

For more extensive damage to your home, it may be necessary to enlist the services of a mold remediation company or in severe cases, a licensed contractor.

Water damage in your home due to ice dams is an unfortunate and stressful situation. Rest assured, DamBreakers will remove any ice dams and inspect your roof for any damage.

Protect your roof and home from the hazards of ice dams and contact DamBreakers today at 651-300-2236 or 715-492-1100 for your Ice Damage Restoration.

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