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Ice Dam Removal and Rooftop Snow Removal Minnesota, Wisconsin, Hudson WI, Woodbury MN, Stillwater MN, St Paul MN

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TPA’s & Insurance Companies

If you are a Third Party Administrator, an Insurance Adjuster or an Insurance Carrier that is experiencing a high volume of ice dam claims from excessive snow fall anywhere in the United States DamBreakers is your ice dam removal company.

Are you sick of hiring general contractors to remove ice dams with sledge hammers, chisels, high pressure pressure washers, and yes even chainsaws? Only to find out there is as much, if not more, damage done to the roof by the ice dam removal than the ice dam itself? DamBreakers specializes in true steam ice dam removal leaving NO-ADDITIONAL-DAMAGE to any existing structure! Steam Ice Dam Removal coupled with our experience satisfying insurance claims will ease your worry of paying more for each claim than you have to.

What you get with DamBreakers, LLC:
1. The ability to handle a high volume of claims quickly to minimize water intrusion
2. The ability to respond quickly to a catastrophic snow event anywhere ice dams occur in the US
3. Initial, Before, During, and After photos of the complete true steam ice dam removal process
4. Roof inspections to inform of any damage done by previous improper ice dam removal
5. Constant communication with the insurance adjustor or TPA contact person
6. Thoroughly trained Ice Dam Removal Technicians trained only on the leading steaming equipment
7. Site specific fall protection plans for all claims
8. MOST IMPORTANTLY NO-ADDITIONAL-DAMAGE to any existing structure

If you are a TPA or an insurance carrier that wants to set DamBreakers up as your preferred ice dam removal company, please call our TPA/Insurance claim toll free number 844-438-3627.

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