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Ice DamBreakers Reviews

Read What Others Are Saying About DamBreakers in the Twin Cities

Last year we had an unusual large amount of snow on roof of our town home in Dancing Waters. We had experienced damaging ice dams for the last few years. Last year we decided to be proactive. We had DamBreakers out 3 times to remove at least 2 feet of snow each time.
They were there within one day each time and did an amazing job. My sidewalks were spotless and my driveway was clean. I would highly recommend them for ice dam or roof snow removal.
Joan N. – N Hudson

Last winter we had water leaking in to our home. I did not even know what an Ice dam was. I know now. We had DamBreakers come out within 4 hours and they went straight to work. I could not believe how quickly the leaking stopped. It took only a couple of hours. I could not believe how much ice was removed from my roof. The ice was at least 18 inchs thick and they removed it like it was nothing. The job was neatly done within a short time frame. I hope I never see them again but if I have ice dams in the future, they will be the first company I call.
Kevin O., – Stillwater, MN

I have a 1930’s home in Oakdale with an expandable 2nd floor attic. I have had terrible ice dams for many years and finally got tired of paying to have ice removed. I called DamBreakers to trouble shoot why. They came to my home and found that on both sides of my dormer there was a small attic with no roof vents at all and no soffit vents and now insulation. No on ever told me why or how ice dams formed on my roof. I am now educated. I have new soffit vents and roof vents. I feel ready to take on winter. Thank you Bruce.
Lois – Oakdale, MN

I live in North Oaks and have a very expensive roof. Three years ago we had cedar shakes installed. We have always had ice dams as we have vaulted ceiling and can’t increase ventilation. We have to deal with Ice dams year by year. 2 years ago we had someone take care of our ice dams and they damaged our roof all along the eves. They used a hot water pressure washer blasted the ice from our roof damaging the shakes. Last year we used Dambreakers and what a difference. They knew exactly how to gently remove the ice with now damage. What a difference steam makes. They did not have to force the ice, it just slid off the roof effortlessly.
You are number one in my books.
Julie S. – North Oaks, MN

I had DamBreakers come out 2 years in a row. Each time it took less than one hour. Most other companies said they had a 2 hour minimum. The others said that the average time is 2 hours. In my case I would be over paying if I used them. I will continue to use Dambreakers.
Julie C. – Woodbury, MN

We have a very unusual home with extremely high roofs. Our home is contemporary. The other companies stopped at one story, some would do a 2 story but no one would do a 3 story, except DamBreakers. They said to them it was just another house. They came with a 5 story ladder and proceeded to remove our ice. It did take 4 hours and it was worth it. The leaking stopped and we were saved. Thank you, Bruce. Oh, and he did have all the inside damage repaired in the spring. I couldn’t ask for more.
Charles and Susan B. – Mahtomedi, MN

I have been removing snow from roofs for over 20 years and never wanted to steam ice dams. 5 years ago I started using DamBreakers for all my ice dam requests. DamBreakers has done over 100 ice dams with not one complaint. I would expect someone would have a problem but not a one. Those are great odds. I will keep using DamBreakers for all my ice dams.
Chris Nitardy – West Lakeland, MN.

Last winter we had water leaking in our fireplace with huge ice dams on both sides of our chimney. We called DamBreakers to stop the leaking. He could have removed the ice dams and walked away buy Bruce looked further. He found the water was coming in from the chimney cap and not the ice on my roof. He quickly informed us of the source of the water. The ice on the roof was not the problem. He could of kept us in the dark and dishonestly charged us. He caulked the chimney cap and we asked him to please remove the ice. All was done in less than 1.5 hours. Not the 2 hour minimum some charge. We have him on speed dial now.
Makenzie B.

Last year we had so much snow on our roof that we had cracks forming on our living room ceiling. Within 2 hours the men from DamBreakers arrived and in another 2 hours the snow was gone. They cleaned the driveway and walkways. It would have taken my boys and me all day.
I will call them again.
Abhilash P. – Inver Grove Heights, MN

This year we had incredible ice dams with water leaking. We called Dambreakers and they were here within 2 hours. They removed the ice in a jiffy. It was painless. Thank you, Bruce.
Star Prairie Trout Farm

We had DamBreakers out to remove ice dams from our roof. We have a rambler with a hip roof. The ice dams were around around the entire perimeter of the home. We had over 150 ft. of ice dams over 18 inches thick. Our gutters were sagging from the weight of the ice in many places. DamBreakers worked tirelessly and completed the job on time. When it was done, Bruce asked me to look at something. My neighbor had the exact same home with no ice. We both walked over and noticed they had twice the soffit vents and 3 more roof vents. He said I had all summer to make sure this never happens again. I appreciated that. Other would have taken my money and left. I hope I don’t have to but I will call him again.
Herbert L. – Fridley, MN

My wife and I are 3Mer’s and new to Minnesota. We had just moved into our home 1 year prior. We are from Texas and only seen ice in our drinks. When the water started coming our bedroom one night in the winter we had no idea why. Our neighbor told us that the previous owner had ice dams each year. Not what we wanted to hear. We called DamBreakers at 3 o’clock in the morning. They were there by 7:00 and by 9:00 the leaking was over. That was quick.
Thanks, Bruce.
Tad and Dany D. – Liberty on the Lake, Stillwater, MN

We needed our roof shoveled couldn’t afford to have afford to have the snow drop behind near the home. We have poor drainage and would have water seeping in when the snow melts.
DamBreakers came with an amazing snow blower with tracks. They pushed all the roof snow to the driveway on one side of the home and completely to the other side. They even removed the original fallen snow. I wanted it but did not expect the snow to be so cleanly removed. Thanks.
Donna P. – North Oaks, MN

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