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Emergency Ice Dam Removal and Rooftop Snow Removal Buffalo New York

Emergency Ice Dam Removal in Buffalo, New York

Do you have an emergency with water coming into your home due to an ice dam? Don’t turn to just any company that advertises ice dam removal.

DamBreakers WILL do the job quickly and properly meeting all industry standards. “USING ONLY STEAM!”

Hiring DamBreakers in Buffalo, New York for your emergency Ice Dam Removal gets you a company:
• That is fully insured specifically for ice dam removal in Buffalo, New York.
• That has all certifications and qualifications needed to remove ice dams such as IDSAFE
• That uses proper ice dam steaming equipment as explained in the video above to cut the ice off of your roof leaving absolutely NO ADDITIONAL DAMAGE to your existing roof structure.
– no pressure washers, hammers, chisels, or chainsaws
– 75-300 pounds per square inch of water and 275-350 degrees F is what makes proper ice cutting steam
• That has experience in working with your insurance company so you don’t have to. We take before, during and after pictures of your interior damage and exterior ice dam proving that the proper process was used in removing your ice dam. Documenting what you and your insurance company need for your insurance claim.
• That uses safe Ice Dam Removal procedures for the physical safety of the homeowner, property, and technicians
• That (because using steam) gets your ice dam removed as quickly and efficiently as possible saving you money.
• That communicates with you during the entire job to make sure all your emergency needs are met.
• That communicates with your remediation company (if you have one set up) so your home gets back to its original state as soon as possible.

When you have water coming in from an ice dam here are the steps you should follow:
1. Call DamBreakers and schedule the Ice Dam removal 844-442-3326
2. Call your insurance company to line up an adjuster and let them know DamBreakers is on their way to remove the ice dam. Give them our contact information in case of specific instructions:

Jeremy Hage
DamBreakers, LLC

3. Clear out the area where you have water coming in to minimize damage.
4. Wait for DamBreakers to Arrive!


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