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Ice Dam Removal Fargo – Moorhead

Fargo – Moorhead recently got dumped on with a major snowfall.

If you are on this page chances are your roof looks just like the pictures on this page and you have water leaking into your home.

The first thing that crosses your mind is:

You don’t care right now about how it happened, what an ice dam is, how it formed, or how to prevent it next winter, you just NEED it to stop leaking ASAP.

My name is Jeremy Hage and as an owner of DamBreakers Steam Ice Dam Removal, I am here to help calm that anxiety you are feeling. In a short time, the water will stop leaking and any damage that has been caused by the ice dam will be fixed good as new.

1. First take a DEEP breath. (It’s not as bad as it looks)
2. Call DamBreakers 701-297-2001. We will schedule the steam ice dam removal ASAP!
3. Call your insurance company (from here on out whatever damage that is caused big or small will be covered)
• Tell them you have an ice dam and there is leaking in your home
• Tell them you have talked to DamBreakers and you have them coming out to remove the ice dam ASAP.
4. Now that the ice dam has been steamed off your roof and the leaking has stopped. The next step is to get a water remediation company in to dry it out and stop mold from forming. DamBreakers can get you in touch with a trusted company to get that done.
5. Now you have done EVERYTHING in your power to get this problem fixed you can relax.

Now that your mind has been eased of an emergency situation. If you want to know what caused the ice dam to start with and possibly how to prevent it read on.

DamBreakers Removes Ice Dams in Fargo – Moorhead

Don’t turn to roofing, gutter cleaning, and Pressure Washing companies for ice dam removal on your home in Fargo – Moorhead. Chances are they will be using hammers, chisels, and hot water pressure washers that can cause more damage to your roof than the ice dam itself, leading to more expenses and insurance claims being denied. Call the professionals at DamBreakers in Fargo – Moorhead, for your steam ice dam removal. Steam Ice dam removal in Fargo – Moorhead is our specialty.

If you’re experiencing ice dams at your home or business, chances are, so are your neighbors. DamBreakers of Duluth Minnesota has teams ready to handle your Duluth and Superior roof ice dam problems. Don’t wait until water is leaking into your home, call DamBreakers today at 071-297-2001!

Removing an ice dam is extremely important maintenance on your Duluth Minnesota and Superior Wisconsin home. An ice dam, on a smaller scale, is a problem of house and building maintenance in cold climates. An ice dam can occur when snow accumulates on the slanted roof of a house with inadequate insulation, ventilation, and warm air leaks into the attic at penetrations for plumbing stacks, wiring, chimneys, attic hatches, recessed lights, etc. These warm air leaks are known as attic bypasses. Heat conducted through the insufficient insulation and warm air from the attic bypasses warms the roof and melts the snow. Meltwater flows down the roof, under the blanket of snow, onto the eave and into the gutter, where colder conditions on the overhang cause it to freeze. Eventually, ice accumulates along the eave and in the gutter. Snow that melts later cannot drain properly through the ice on the eave and in the gutter.

Ice Dam Removal and Rooftop Snow Removal Minnesota, Wisconsin, Hudson WI, Woodbury MN, Stillwater MN, St Paul MN
This can result in:

• Leaking roof (height of leak depends on extent of ice dam)
• Wet, ineffective insulation
• Stained or cracked plaster or drywall
• Rotting timber
• Stained, blistered or peeling paint

DamBreakers Solution

As one of the oldest and largest steam ice dam removal companies in Fargo – Moorhead, DamBreakers has been safely taking care of Fargo – Moorhead homeowner’s ice dam headaches for years.

Whether it’s removing the ice dam when you start to see icicles forming on your gutters or it’s an emergency service to remove the ice dam because you have water leaking into your home, you can trust DamBreakers of Fargo – Moorhead to tackle any job, big or small.

The Fargo – Moorhead DamBreakers experts can and will handle your steam ice removal. Call us today at 701-297-2001

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