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Ice Dam Removal and Rooftop Snow Removal Minnesota, Wisconsin, Hudson WI, Woodbury MN, Stillwater MN, St Paul MN

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Ice Dam Prevention, Ice Dam Removal Minnesota

Ice Dam Prevention Minnesota, Wisconsin, Hudson WI, Woodbury MN, Stillwater MN, St Paul MNIt’s true in many circumstances; an ounce of ice dam prevention is worth a pound of cure. Ben Franklin was right. Stopping an ice dam from forming in the first place is the best place for a home owner.

DamBreakers can help. Clients needing a long-lasting affordable solution to ice dams, DamBreakers offers several options for ice dam prevention. From sales of heat tape and wiring, to complete installation, we’re here to help.

At DamBreakers, we take Ice Dam Prevention and Ice Dam Removal seriously and offer long term ice dam preventative measures so you can sleep easy at night during the frigid upper midwest cold and icy winds. Looking for local advice for a long term solution, DamBreakers is the sure choice for ice Dam Prevention and Ice Dam removal solutions for your home or business.

Additionally, we offer ice dam prevention services such as:
• Heat tape installation
• Roof vent installation
• Roof snow removal
• Attic insulation additions and replacements

Many preventative measures can be taken year-round. For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, please fill out the contact form or call us 24/7 at 651-300-2236 or 715-492-1100.

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